Ascida SMB provides a combination of operations best suited to most small to medium businesses. The Ascida operations and concurrent batch limitations available in the Ascida SMB product are detailed within the Ascida Product Matrix. Ascida SMB is available at a price point, and with the functionality that will suit the requirements of many businesses, allowing you to choose the Ascida product set that best meets your requirements.

We encourage you to follow the link to Ascida LITE and request your free evaluation version of the product. With Ascida LITE, you will be able to create batches and tasks to evaluate the various functions within the product to ensure that Ascida does indeed allow you to automate your business processes. Test the alerting functionality and trial the data integration or data source compare functions.

We are confident that Ascida LITE will demonstrate to you just how powerful the Ascida product is and how Ascida can meet your business requirements while allowing you to stream line your IT systems and business processes. Then please contact us so that we can work with you to provide you with the Ascida product that is right for your business. Experience for yourself the true power of the Ascida technology.