The Ascida product is an Advanced Business Automation solution. The product is an advanced scheduling tool, but the true power of Ascida is in the ability to react to scenarios in a predetermined way, based or dependant on the outcomes of the previous event or the state of the data presented to the task. True what / if scenarios with numerous concurrent threads are where Ascida shines. Ascida is designed to monitor the critical business system process flow and data within an organisation. Ascida provides a company with visibility and control of the various systems and interfaces inherent within the modern business, with the ability to address multiple databases and/or operating systems.

The Ascida Business Value Proposition:

Advanced Scheduling - Multiple concurrent threads performing various tasks, validating data, checking for integrity, processing change as and when scheduled. Decision based processing, pre-configured with 'what / if' scenarios to meet your business process rules. How many processes do your staff have to deal with daily, where they are checking process completion or an activity has launched? Ascida can perform these activities for your staff freeing up resource to focus on your business while delivering key information or reports to the users' inbox.

Automated Alerts - The same 'what / if' scenarios can alert an operator or your IT team member to an event before the business is able to report that a problem exists. Alerts can be sent to email or SMS allowing a form of logging for lower level (deal with them later) issues, while ensuring that business critical alerts come straight to those who need to know. Alerts provide key information to your IT professionals allowing your team to proactively respond to your business issues in a timely manner.

Data Integration - The modern IT team is managing a plethora of system integrations and data exchange from many disparate data sources and systems. Ascida can manage these integrations and data sources while performing data integrity checks and reporting against the systems to validate the data interchange. Ascida can then report to the users' inbox if an issue arises or to notify the successful completion of the process. Ascida is able to map data between the various data sources to compare and report on inconsistency.

Ascida combines the power of 33 distinct functions that perform a variety of data / system integration tasks. Each of the operations is customisable with user supplied parameters.

The Ascida Product Suite includes Ascida LITE, Ascida SMB, Ascida JDE and Ascida ENT. Please refer to the Ascida Product Matrix to determine which product is best suited to your business requirements.