Ascida (pronounced as aseeda) is the name of a newly formed company founded by Mark Elley and Chris Wenzlick.

It is also the name for a rebranded software product previously known as SLIK (Standard Legacy Interface Kit). The SLIK product has been in the marketplace for approximately 10 years with some of New Zealand's most well known companies as customers, including Fisher & Paykel, SKY TV, Bendon and Stevenson Group.

The name ASCIDA is derived from the concatenation of A + SCIDA. SCIDA is the Latin root to the word 'schedule'. So A + SCIDA speaks to one of the core competencies of the product being the Advanced Scheduling capability, although the product is much more than just a scheduling tool. The true power of the product is in the ability to react to scenarios in a predetermined method, dependant on the outcomes of the previous event or the state of the data presented. True what / if scenarios with numerous concurrent threads are where Ascida shines. The Ascida name was chosen because it was short and easy to pronounce for anyone around the world.

Ascida is an innovative software company specialising in business automation and database integration for any organisation regardless of its size, nature of business or industry. Ascida is particularly compelling for JD Edwards customers due to the ability to launch JDE UBEs and JDE XML CallObjects directly from within the Ascida advanced scheduler.